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Holistic Hound is a natural pet store located in Berkeley, California. It is owned and operated by Heidi Hill, and her eleven year old Siberian husky, Pearl.

Our mission is to help improve the health, wellness and longevity of dogs and cats. We provide ongoing support to our clients through consultations, inspiring on-site classes/talks, referrals to holistic practitioners and by offering the best products available.

Holistic Hound specializes in natural and complementary pet care for many common problems such as allergies, separation anxiety, arthritis, fleas etc. including nutritional, herbal and glandular supplements, homeopathy, and flower essences. We believe that nutrition provides the foundation of health and carry premium quality human-grade foods, specializing in locally sourced raw foods, bones and treats. Holistic Hound also offers a beautiful and unique selection of collars and leashes, ecologically friendly beds, toys and natural healthcare books.

Heidi graduated with a bachelors of business administration from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She spent twenty years in the corporate world in finance, human resources and sales. During that time Heidi began her lifelong study and practice of homeopathy and graduated from Pacific Academy of Homeopathy in 1997. Holistic Hound was born in 2003 and is a blend of her two passions: animals and holistic healthcare.

Pearl is a graduate of Sirius puppy training and is the official greeter (when she’s not sleeping).


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