Many pet parents would like to feed their pets a species appropriate natural raw food diet, but the high prices can be a bit of a deterrent. The truth is that when you want your pet food to be made with the best, most nutritious and healthy products, you have to pay a little more. Comparing raw food costs to the cost of kibble, you’ll be amazed at how much money you can save in other areas of pet care when you feed your pet a raw diet. You may be able to beat the price of raw pet food, but when you weigh in all the benefits, a natural raw food diet is worth every penny – and then some.

Raw food vs. kibble
A raw food diet may prevent illnesses and ailments that can cost you a lot more than a bag of kibble.

Benefits of a raw food diet

The best diet for any pet is a natural species appropriate raw food diet. But, we understand that the price of kibble is sometimes the deciding factor when choosing a diet for your pet. The nutritional value of raw food may save you money on pet healthcare, because a quality diet will boost the immune system, and provide natural solutions to common pet problems.

Saving on pet health care with a raw food diet

A raw food diet provides a balanced and nutritious diet for each animal. Raw foods and natural supplements are great preventative measures against pet illnesses and ailments. Kibble is not a complete diet, and it can leave your pet’s immune system weakened and more susceptible to becoming sick, or developing problems like allergies or more severe illnesses.

Raw food includes natural health remedies

Compared to kibble, raw foods usually include some herbs and spices that have natural health benefits and can prevent your pet from getting sick in the first place. With a raw food diet, you could avoid several expensive and extensive visits to the vet. The cost of pet health care can quickly add up. All the money you’ll be spending on vet visits and medicine could be saved and put into spending more on a raw food diet. And, you may still come out ahead.

Natural preventative herbs and spices in raw food

Benefits of raw pet food
Raw pet foods often contain superfoods, herbs, and spices that can prevent illnesses and save on future vet visits and medicine.

Many raw foods include things like ginger, which is a great supplement to support a healthy digestive system.

Talk to a pet nutritionist about the best raw food diet for your pet to prevent illnesses, and keep your pet healthy and happy for a long, long time.