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We all know the wheezing, sneezing sign of seasonal allergies, but when our pets have an allergic reaction, the symptoms often affect the skin and the fur. If your pet is showing signs of irritability and you can see abnormalities in the condition of their skin and fur, stop by Holistic Hound and get a comprehensive assessment of the environmental or food allergies that your pet may be experiencing.

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Test your dogs and cats for seasonal or environmental allergies. Find the best natural remedies at Holistic Hound in Berkeley.

Signs your pet has an allergy

Your pet can suffer from seasonal allergies, reacting to the pollen levels in the air, or they can have an allergic reaction to food. Both types of allergies will result in general irritability, patchy fur, redness of the skin, inflammation, and a lot of itching. However, seasonal allergies will come up seasonally, so watch out for patterns in your pet’s behavior. If the allergic reactions aren’t seasonal, they are most likely the result of something more consistent in the pet’s diet or the pets environment, like a food allergy or sensitivity to fleas, mosquitos, and other insects.

The cause of allergic reactions

If you know your pet well, you’ll be able to spot signs on an allergy quickly. If you dog or cat is all of a sudden excessively grooming or showing signs of irritability, it’s time to get an allergy test.

Starting with a test is the best way to get a complete assessment of over 200 food items and common environmental concerns. We work with Glacier Peak Holistics – an herbal nutrition company and laboratory. To test your pet for allergies, saliva and hair samples are tested using passively applied kinesiology. This method is also used by naturopaths and chiropractors to find and rank allergens in your pet.

Test your pet for allergies

Glacier Peak Healthy Dog Nutritional Assessments at Holistic Hound in Berkeley

Treating the allergic reaction

Once we’ve determined what is causing the allergic reaction in your pet, we’ll be able to find the appropriate remedy to alleviate the symptoms. Of course, if there are food items that your pet is allergic to, you need to remove those foods from their diet. However, some things cannot be avoided, like insect bites or dust. For those times, we need to look at homeopathic and natural remedies to deal with your pets allergies.

We are a natural pet store in Berkeley. We believe in treating our pets naturally and holistically, restoring the natural chemical and hormonal balance for optimal health and well-being. With a non-invasive allergy test for your pet, we can begin to eliminate the cause of the sensitivity and begin to restore your pet to their happy, healthy selves.