We all want the best for our children, including our pets. Unfortunately, many pet owners are being duped by big commercial pet food companies into unknowingly feeding their pets waste. Here’s what to look out for when you are buying commercial pet food.What to look for when buying commercial pet food

The pet food industry is a for-profit business

The first thing you have to remind yourself is that the “big business of pet food” is a for-profit business. Furthermore, the pet food industry is an extension of the food and agriculture business. What that means is that the food industry has found a way to maximize their profits, by turning all of their waste and scraps into commercial pet food. And there’s the problem because pets shouldn’t be eating scraps and waste any more than people should. For the most nutrition and the biggest health benefits, you want to feed your pet high-quality products, products that you would serve to the rest of your family as well.

The only difference between your food and your pet’s food is that your pet can eat the chicken raw. It’s amazing what the commercial pet food industry can get away with, and it will make you think twice about the food you are feeding your pets.

Feed your pets inner wild animal

The best food for your pet

Dogs and cats have different dietary needs, and every dog and cat has personal dietary needs. You also have to understand where your pet came from and design their diet to keep it as close to their natural diet in the wild. That means that they want something they can really sink their teeth into. They have K9s for a reason, and it’s not to crunch down on some dry kibble.

Know the ingredients

Not only is kibble far from the diet they crave, but you rarely know exactly what is in each bite. When a bag of kibble says “chicken” it doesn’t specify what parts of the chicken they are talking about. Most likely, it’s the parts of the chicken that are deemed inappropriate for human consumption, and should therefore also be considered inappropriate for pet consumption.

Commercial raw pet food….the good kind

The ultimate meal for your pet is one that you have prepared yourself to meet the specific dietary needs of your pet. However, there is high quality commercial raw pet food available for those of you who have more money than time. Look for commercial raw pet food that has been sourced sustainably and humanely from local ranchers and farmers – produce and dairy – where you can be sure of each ingredient.