How can CBG benefit my pet?

By now, you’ve probably heard all about cannabidiol, or CBD. This powerful cannabinoid has the potential to provide many benefits for your pet regarding physical discomforts, stress, and other undesired problems. But have you heard of its parent molecule, cannabigerol (CBG)?

While still relatively new to the cannabis market, CBG is already building quite a name for itself because previous research suggests it may hold many benefits for humans and pets alike. So, what exactly is CBG? And what are the benefits of CBG for pets?

What is CBG?

Before you can understand what CBG is, you first have to understand a little bit about the plant that it comes from: Cannabis sativa. Cannabis, which is often times referred to as hemp or marijuana, contains over 100 unique compounds called cannabinoids.

The ever-popular CBD is a cannabinoid and so is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the molecule that’s responsible for the high that people feel when they consume cannabis. CBG is also a cannabinoid, and it’s often called the “chemical precursor” to CBD, THC, CBC, and many other cannabinoids.

What does this mean? In the cannabis plant, all cannabinoids exist in an acid form. So, CBD is cannabidolic acid (CBDA), THC is tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), etc. It’s only after we apply enough heat that these molecules change from their acid forms to the stable counterparts that we consume in a variety of products.

In the plant, CBD starts out as an acidic form of CBG called cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). Through a series of chemical processes, it becomes CBDA, and then when we apply heat, it becomes the CBD that we know. So, before there is THC and CBD, there first has to be CBGA.

Because CBGA is a chemical precursor to many cannabinoids, it actually doesn’t occur in large amounts in C. sativa—when it comes time to harvest these plants, all of the CBGA has often already turned into other cannabinoids. But specific strains are bred to be high in CBG and the plant is harvested young.

So far, research indicates that CBG may offer numerous benefits, so we can expect to see more CBG products entering the market in the future.

How Can CBG Help My Pet?

While there haven’t been any studies on CBG’s benefits in dogs or cats yet, there have been a few preclinical studies indicating CBG has the following benefits:

Given these properties, CBG could be especially beneficial for your pet if they show an unhealthy inflammatory response or struggle with joint discomfort, especially as it relates to age.

Is It Safe to Give My Pet CBG?

Much like CBD, CBG doesn’t produce the high that we often associate with marijuana. Its gentle mental effects and lack of side effects means that many pet parents are beginning to give their animals CBG—and the results that they’re seeing are overwhelmingly positive.

“My old man has a hard time getting around, CBG made him feel better,” added Trisha, another pet parent whose been giving her dog CBG oil to help with physical discomfort.

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Holistic Hound’s CBG Products

Though CBG is still relatively new to the hemp/cannabis industry, growers are starting to breed hemp plants that yield high amounts of CBGA. Some are also harvesting their plants earlier—before the plant has time to convert all of that CBGA into other cannabinoids.

The result of these new developments is that more CBG products will be entering the market. Holistic Hound’s tincture is the one of the first pet CBG products to be available nationwide. Though this product has only been available until relatively recently, we’re already receiving plenty of positive feedback from customers, as noted above. You can buy our full spectrum hemp oil with 300 mg CBG on our website or over the phone! Our customer service team is always ready and excited to answer your questions.