Bone broth is the chicken soup for the soul for your pets. Bone broth is an easy, healthy, and natural treat for dogs that suffer from achy joints, weak bones, illness, and loss of appetite, and it acts as a great detox for your pet’s liver.

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Your dog is constantly exposed to toxins. Bone broth is a natural detoxifier!

Bone broth is detoxifying

Every day, whether playing inside, walking down the street, or running through the park, our dogs are introduced to toxins. Chemical treatments of household materials, couches, carpets, etc., not to mention all the sprays and poisons that people use in their gardens or in public parks, can all have an effect on our pets. Bone broth acts as a detoxifier, giving your liver a little extra glycine to help dispose of unwanted toxins in the system.

Bone broth is good for the joints

Bone broth is also packed with molecules called glycosaminoglycans that promote healthy ligaments, tendons, and joints.

Nutritious treat for picky eaters

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Bone broth promotes strong and healthy joints, tendons, and ligaments.

Some pets are picky eaters, but when your pet is suffering from an illness, lack of appetite can sometimes follow. Bone broth is an easy to digest, nutrient-packed treat that is delicious, healthy, and easy for your pet to digest. Plus, it will also ensure that your pet is staying hydrated.

Bone broth is like an “all in one” treat for pets that need extra nutrition but aren’t feeling up to a whole raw food meal.