3 DIY Healthy Dog Recipes 

Holistic Hound 3 DIY Healthy Dog Recipes

If you’ve ever looked on the ingredients label of most store-bought dog treats, you’ve seen things like… White flour  MSG  Gluten  Corn syrup Nitrites or nitrates  Soy  And more… Some even contain artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, all of which could potentially irritate your dog’s digestion. And we all know that when your dog’s digestion […]

Benefits of Mushrooms as an Alternative Remedy for Dogs

Holistic Hound Benefits of Mushrooms as an Alternative Remedy for Dogs

Here’s a secret that all pet owners should know: Certain mushrooms contain properties that may benefit our canine friends. Don’t worry… we’re not talking about psychedelic mushrooms that will have your dog staring at himself in the mirror, tilting his head side to side, and contemplating the deeper meaning behind “Go Fetch!” Instead, we’re talking […]

Top Two Criteria for Choosing the Best Pet Food

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Searching for the best pet food has a few criteria.  Looking for high-quality ingredients is the first criteria, and the second is to find a company that has implemented humane and ethical practices in the production of pet food.  At Holistic Hound, we know that nutrition is the cornerstone to a healthy and happy pet. […]

How Many Treats Should You Give Your Pet?

Natural pet food store in Berkeley

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy pet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat them to a few goodies now and then. Treats don’t have to be bad, either. There are plenty treats that are healthy, fresh, and full of secret benefits. What makes them unique is the way they are given […]

A Significant Influence on Pet Health is Nutrition

Making Your Own Dog Food

The best way to maintain health and remedy ailments is proper nutrition. Finding a balanced diet that is right for your pet can prevent many common health problems keeping their bodies healthy. Preventing Disease with a Proper Diet Every pet is different, so when it comes to nutrition, you need to treat each pet as […]

Our Mighty Mojo Mushroom Powder is Good for Your Pets and the Planet

mighty mojo mushroom powder - Holistic Hound

The health of your pet and the health of your planet often go hand in hand. Looking for the best and purest ingredients will often lead you towards ingredients that are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our Mighty Mojo Mushroom Powder is a blend of organic mushrooms that may provide great health benefits to your […]

How to Start Taking a Holistic Approach to Your Pet’s Health

Homeopathic first aid kit

The first step to a holistic approach to pet healthcare is always the hardest. Knowing where and how to start can be overwhelming, and the fear of making a mistake and hurting your pet prevent many people from trying. Here are some tips to help ease your worries and get your pet started on a […]

Signs Your Pup Is Experiencing Discomfort

At-home pet care health test

Our dogs are beloved members of the family, and we always want the best for them. Besides buying them toys, feeding them right, and playing with them, it’s important to ensure their happiness by keeping a close eye on their health to notice possible complications early on. Since they cannot tell us what they’re feeling, […]

Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

What to look for when buying commercial pet food

Our dogs are valuable family members that not only bring us joy, but also make us worry about their well-being. As tempted as we can be, we know that we should not share everything with our beloved pets, especially when it comes to the food we eat. Our pets’ anatomies are drastically different than the […]

Why The Raw Pet Food Industry is Getting a Raw Deal from the FDA?

Fresh raw chicken legs on kitchen cutting board with dill

If you’re already feeding your pet a raw food diet or you’re thinking of switching to a raw food diet, you’ve probably thought about how to prevent foodborne pathogen contamination. You may even have noticed an increase in raw pet food being recalled by the FDA. Before you run back to processed foods, let’s clear […]