CBD and Pets: All Your Questions Answered

As loving pet parents, we always want the best for our companions – everything from what they eat to how they’re trained to the toys they play with. We are responsible for ensuring their well-being, and who is more deserving of quality care and products than our best four-legged friends? At Holistic Hound, we care […]

5 Tips To Keep Your Dogs Calm And Safe For The 4th Of July 

Holistic Hound 5 Tips To Keep Your Dogs Calm And Safe For The 4th Of July

Warm nights, long sunny days, and countless reasons to cookout… Yep, summer is here, and nothing says the “4th of July” like a spectacular fireworks show. But while most people find fireworks colorfully entertaining, our beloved canine friends view them entirely differently.   Some experts say that the 4th of July is perhaps one of the […]

Heartworm Preventatives May Not Be Very Preventative

Puppy and microscope

One mistake many pet parents have been guilty of time and time again is giving their pet monthly doses of preventative medication. Although preventative medication is always better and less expensive, you want to make sure that you are actually preventing something. For example, heartworm preventatives are often administered to our pets each month, but, […]