Your dog may be super stoked to go with you on vacation until they realize that they are going to be sleeping in a new bed, peeing on new trees, and surrounded by new noises, people, and surroundings. Since your pet is part of the family, it’s becoming more and more normal for families to travel with pets. Bringing your dog on vacation may be a better option for you than leaving them home alone with a dog-sitter or a doggy-care facility, but traveling can make even the laziest dog stressed out. CBD hemp oils and bites are a natural substance that can help calm the stress your pet may feel while traveling.

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CBD oils plus treats can help a pet that gets stressed during travel.

CBD and hemp products for pets

It’s perfectly normal for your dog to react differently to new situations. Some dogs will have a bigger reaction than others. The modes of transportation can also cause your pet to become nervous or stressed. Planes, trains, and automobiles, especially for long periods of time, can make even the “chillest” dog a little twitchy. Pets will also react to your state of mind, so if the kids are overly energetic and excited about family vacation, that could also rub off on your pet making them a little wild and excitable. CBD hemp products are 100% natural and will help your dog calm down, relax, and enjoy the vacation with the rest of the family.

Naturally Calming

CBD products will work naturally with your dog’s endocannabinoid system, activating specific receptors which will promote a calming effect in your dog that can help them during stressful situations. It’s a natural way to ease tension and promote calmness. Our CBD products are made from organic hemp and functional mushrooms, giving your dog all the health benefits, without getting your dog high. Hemp products for pets are 100% NOT hallucinogenic or intoxicating.

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Where to buy CBD pet products?!

Holistic Hound has a special line of CBD bites, oils and chews with a wide range of potential health benefits. Not only do CBD products help promote calmness, they have a number of wonderful properties to help pets with other symptoms. To learn more about how CBD products can help your pet, visit our website or visit our science and research page.

Holistic Hound specializes in full-spectrum, functional mushroom, and all-natural products to improve your pet’s health, wellness, and quality of life.