All-natural, non-psychoactive cannabis-infused treats for dogs

cbd for dogs
Cannabinoid (CBD) Dog Treats can help relieve your dog of anxiety related to changes in their daily routine.

No one loves to stick to a daily routine like your dog, and they look to you to keep and preserve the integrity of that routine. When a change in the norm happens, some dogs have a harder time adjusting than others. A sudden or drastic change to a daily routine can result in behavioral problems and mood swings. Our Cannabinoid (CBD) Dog Treats are a natural and effective option to help relieve your dog of anxiety and ease them painlessly and calmly into a new daily routine.

Changing your dogs daily routine

Few things can stress out a dog like a sudden change in their daily routine – or, more notably, a change in your daily routine. A move, a new job, a vacation, or anything else that affects the normal day to day. Whatever prevents you from going on walks, playing, feeding, cuddling, or just being around when you normally are will have a deep psychological impact on your dog.

For most dogs, their anxiety is short-lived, and as long as the owner is still close by and giving plenty of love and affection, the transition is quick and painless. However, some dogs handle change differently, and their anxiety will be more prominent and longer lasting. Some confusion or anxiety are perfectly normal. Every dog, just like every human, is different and comes with their own personality. You just need to pay attention and make sure your dog is handling the changes.

Changes that take you away from the dog are going to be the hardest

When you’ve worked from home for a long time and are now having to go to an office each day, this will be terribly confusing to your dog.

When a new baby enters the family, taking time away from the dog – or worse, giving your time and affection to a new member of the family! – could result in behavioral problems and sometimes even depression.

Natural anxiety relief for dogs
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When all the kids have been home all summer vacation giving the dog constant love and affection, once they head back to school, your dog could feel confused, abandoned, and alone. Remember how you felt when you first dropped your kids off at their first day at school? Remember how empty the house felt? Your dog will experience the same feeling of loss when both the adults and the kids all of a sudden disappear from the home to go back to work or school.

Health benefits of CBD treats

Our CBD dog treats use a non-psychoactive ingredient that acts on an intricate network of receptors in the brain. These receptors play an important role in health, healing, and homeostasis. Our CBD treats do not have THC so you can safely adjust the suggested serving as needed to achieve balance.

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