There’s nothing quite like a bowl of hot soup to warm your soul and treat those fall/winter sniffles. Sharing that bowl of soup with your dog is even better. Chicken soup isn’t just for your soul; it’s great for all souls, including your dog.

Natural pet food
Nothing says love like filling your dog’s bowl with a room temperature scoop of homemade chicken soup.

Chicken soup for dogs

We’ve already talked about how bone broth, including chicken broth, is great for your dog’s immune system, gut, liver, and joints. It’s also a great source of nutrients that are easy to eat and digest for older dogs. Bone broth is also great at keeping pets hydrated, especially if they have a lost their appetite due to illness. We could go on and on.

Sharing a bowl of soup

Of course, when we say “sharing a bowl of soup,” we mean that you sit together and eat a bowl each. There are some big differences between your bowl of chicken soup and the chicken soup that you’ll feed you dog. First of all, you need to watch the salt, pepper, and spices. Your dog wants his food a lot blander than you do, so if you’re making homemade broth, make a separate batch for your dog that doesn’t include all the spices.

You can also make your broth bland and add the spices when you add the rest of ingredients for your chicken soup. That way, you won’t have to wash two pots – just one.

Natural bone broth
Share a warm blanket and a bowl of homemade chicken soup with your dog.

Controlling the ingredients

We always recommend making your own chicken soup from scratch. It’s the only way to control the ingredients that you consume – both the quality and the type. Controlling the ingredients is a surefire way of making sure both you and your dog get the nutrients that you both need to stay healthy.

Watch the temperature of the soup

Once you’ve added some boneless chicken breast (organic and locally sourced, if possible) and a few veggies for added nutrition and a bit of flavor, make sure you cool the soup to room temperature so you don’t burn your pup’s tongue.