Natural pet food trends

The gentle hum of a thousand crickets is tranquil and represents hot summer nights in California, but to your pets, hearing the soothing sounds of crickets will be like a thousand dinner bells ringing. Crickets are slowly working their way into your pet’s diets as a healthy source of protein and an environmentally friendly option for livestock farming. Crickets could very well be the future of a natural and sustainable pet diet.

Natural pet food trend
Crickets are a delicious source of protein, including all essential vitamins and minerals.

Crickets are an excellent source of protein

When we look for new products to feed our pets, more and more, we’re looking at the quality of the food. We want it to be high-quality, organic, sustainable, and packed with nutrients. You may not like the idea of eating a cricket, and therefore may not think to feed it to your pet, but the truth is, crickets are excellent sources of protein. Crickets are sustainable, organic, easily digestible, and contain all the essential vitamins and minerals that you want your pet to have – all in one bite-sized package!

Crickets are sustainable

Livestock farming can be costly to the environment, especially cattle farming. Cows and pigs produce an awful amount of methane (we won’t go into detail), and they also require a lot of water. Plus, they need space to graze and move about, because we always want to buy humanely sourced meats. Compared to cattle farming, cricket farming is going to reduce both methane production and water consumption significantly.

Health benefits of crickets
More crickets, please!

Cricket products in pet foods

Crickets and other bugs, in general, could very well be the future of nutritious and sustainable diets, not just for pets, but for people, too. However, the “ick” factor is probably going to prevent most of us from trading our crispy bacon bits for crispy crickets on our salads. Fortunately, our pets aren’t aren’t as squeamish as we are, so don’t be freaked out if you see cricket pet treats or cricket flour in your natural pet foods in the future.

Bon Appetit!