The increasing number of natural disasters like wildfires, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, and earthquakes happening all over the world has created a strong need to be prepared and adapt quickly to new circumstances. More families are taking their time to plan for these unexpected occurrences in the hope of keeping all their members safe and healthy. This includes their pets as well, so take your pets’ needs into consideration when making arrangements for you and your loved ones.

Do Your Research

If you’re moving to a new place, do your research to find out if the area you’ve chosen has a history of earthquakes, snow storms, floods, etc. Every town has records of these events that can help you prepare both your home and your family for the possibility of a natural disaster. Pay attention to the weather alerts and take evacuation notices seriously.

Update Your Dog’s Information

During natural disasters, pets are especially vulnerable because they can get easily overwhelmed and try to escape. That is why it is essential to update your dog’s ID tags and microchip information with your current data. Add your full name, phone number, address or email address because they can be invaluable if your dog gets lost in all the commotion.

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Prepare an Emergency Kit or Bag in Advance

In case you need to flee your home in a rush, it is useful to have a bag with your essentials ready. Remember both your and your dog’s necessities like dry food, water, possible shelter, first aid, etc. Get inspiration from the usual camping gear that you would use while on holiday.

Store Your Dog’s Basic Items Close to the Exit

In some cases, you will not have enough time to find everything you want to take with you. To avoid losing time, keep some leashes, harnesses, and carriers in a closet close to the front door. Cats and even some dogs are easier to handle in carriers, especially in extreme circumstances.

Train Your Dog

Teaching obedience is crucial because it can help you manage your pup in situations where disobedience can lead to life-threatening situations. Practice the basic commands and teach your dog to “speak.” This command might come in handy if you cannot locate your dog.