Imagine yourself cruising down the highway with your dogs’ heads happily sticking out the passenger side window with the look of nirvana on their faces. You’re heading up the mountain for some summertime hiking, then glissading down the steep, snow-covered hills.

What about your dogs? You know they will love every minute of their vacation activities, but are you prepared for all of their needs? Of course, you’ll want to be ready to take good care of your best friends, and that preparation begins when you start planning your trip.

Accurate Tags

  • Ensure that the dog’s tags are up to date with current contact info if your enthusiastic companion wanders off.

Pets Allowed?

  • Check ahead of time to make sure your destination is pet-friendly, including hotels, resorts, and campgrounds.

Are We There Yet?

The car ride can be a great experience or a miserable one. Here are some tips for making it a positive experience for you and your furry companions:

  • Make sure they have had lots of exercise before getting in the car.
  • An empty stomach can help prevent car sickness.
  • Pet CBD can be used as a relaxant to help your pets feel calm and safe during their car ride.
  • Use their crate or create a safe space in the car with their favorite blankets to help them relax.
  • They’ll also want lots of potty breaks and time to stretch.
  • Make sure they stay hydrated! Bring water and collapsible bowls and offer sips frequently.

Bring all the Comforts of Home

Safety First

  • Create a first aid kit including Holistic Hound’s Soothing Balm, which helps to soothe occasional discomfort and relieve irritated skin, hot spots, itching, dryness, and yeast. The balm also protects dry and irritated paw pads and noses.

So regardless of where you travel with your dog, a little preplanning can make your trip more enjoyable for you and your pets.