Pumpkins, falling leaves, ghosts, goblins – and yes, a decent amount of candy corn – can only mean one thing: it’s almost Halloween! While wearing costumes, having parties, and trick-or-treating all night might sound like fun to us, it’s not always the most fun for our four-legged friends. Whether it’s the constant knocking at the door, the uncontrollable excitement of so many people bustling around the house, or seeing their humans dressed up in costumes they don’t recognize (why are they wearing that crazy mask??), Halloween can indeed be a scary night for them. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ensure they feel safe and comfortable during this spooky season!

Pets and Halloween: What Can I Do?

Make an area just for them

Whether your pet is skittish and nervous around lots of people, or overly excited, it’s a good idea to make a place for them to be alone and relax from all the commotion. This could be leaving the door open to their favorite bedroom, putting some of their blankets and favorite toys by their bed, or making a special spot in a different area of the house where they will be unbothered. If your pet is crate trained, this could also come in handy on Halloween. Nervous pets will feel safe and protected in their crate, while dogs who are a little extra social or get lots of energy around others will have a place to calm down.

Pick up your chocolate wrappers!

It goes without saying that eating lots and lots of candy is one of the best parts of Halloween. But we have to be careful because certain candies are toxic for dogs, particularly chocolate. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of the night and let our wrappers lay around, or leave a half-eaten Snickers bar on the table when we just can’t eat another bite, but it’s important to make sure these are out of reach so that our curious pups don’t sneakily run off with them.

Get them exercise before the festivities, or keep them busy

One great way to help reduce the stress or hyper energy your dog may feel on Halloween, with all of the new and different things happening around them, is to make sure they get plenty of exercise before the festivities begin. Take them on a longer walk than normal (if safe to do so), throw the frisbee a couple of extra times, set up a date with their best friend – the list is endless, you just want them to get their energy out! If getting extra exercise isn’t an option for you or your pet, give them something to do or focus on. Puzzle toys are great for cognitive exercise, boredom, and problem-solving. But heck, it’s a holiday! They probably want treats too. Natural dog chews are a great way to keep your dog busy – plus, bonus points that they’re also yummy and healthy. (Our favorite dog chews are natural deer and elk antlers – check them out!)

Try CBD oil, bites, or chews

Wait, CBD for…dogs? If you haven’t heard of it yet, we know this can sound strange. But CBD has shown it may provide a wide array of benefits for our furry friends. One of its most notable benefits is that it promotes calmness and relaxation, so administering it an hour or so before trick-or-treating begins or guests arrive, may help your pet feel more at ease and comfortable during the evening. CBD comes in many forms – oil tinctures, hard bites, and soft chews, to name the most popular – so it’s best to figure out what works the best for your pup and their needs. But it may be just the thing you’re looking for to help your pet with stressful events and holidays.

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