If you’re like us, you consider your pets an equal part of the family, and when it comes to your family, you will spare no expense to keep them happy and healthy. It’s no secret that the costs of taking a sick pet to the vet can be extraordinarily expensive, but when it comes to family, we will spare no expense. Providing your pet with a raw food diet has many benefits that can keep your pet healthy and minimize the cost of veterinarian care.

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A raw diet is the best defense you can give your pet against illnesses and disease.

Raw pet food on a budget

We know organic, locally sourced raw food for your pet sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. One affordable option can be to make it yourself (time permitting of course).

Why raw pet food is best

When you take a natural approach to your pet’s diet, you are giving them much more than just a fancy meal; it will promote overall health and wellbeing.

When food is cooked, many of the natural nutrients are boiled right out leaving your pet with a watered down version. Pets who are fed a raw diet have been known to have a much better chance at fighting illnesses and disease, as well as avoiding food sensitivities and allergies.

You also have to remember that your pet is a hunter and a carnivore. There’s a reason dogs and domesticated cats still have their sharp teeth, and it’s not so that they can hold onto their tail once they finally catch it, it’s so they can tear through raw flesh and bone. So, let your cats and dogs eat like cats and dogs.

Providing a species-appropriate diet for your pet is a sure-fire way to give them natural ingredients that are packed with nutrients necessary for your pet to stay healthy. Raw food promotes:

Raw food is certainly going to be more expensive than your kibble, but with the added health benefits, feeding your pet a natural raw food diet can help them fight disease and avoid unnecessary veterinarian visits.

A holistic approach to pet care doesn’t mean that you avoid Western medicine; it just means that you take a look at the whole animal and help create balance in their biochemistry so that they can resist bacteria, viruses, and parasites. You may spend a little more on their food, but in the end, you’ll save on expensive vet bills – and, your pets love it!