The hemp industry is growing, and not just in terms of human benefits. The pet industry has quickly caught on to the potential health benefits of hemp products. Hemp is revolutionizing natural pet healthcare, most notably in the increase in demand for CBD pet products. We’re loving that trend!

Health benefits of hemp for petsThe difference between hemp and marijuana

Products that have hemp as the primary ingredients can have numerous health benefits for cats and dogs. However, before we get into the benefits, we should make it clear that hemp products are different from marijuana products. Although they stem from the same Cannabis Sativa species, hemp and marijuana are different in how they have been cultivated and the effects that they produce. Marijuana has typically been cultivated for its medicinal  purposes, and hemp for its industrial purposes. However, we’re now seeing the benefits of using hemp in the health industry as well. Hemp plants contain high levels of cannabinoids. In particular, hemp contains Cannabidiol (CBD), which is the active ingredient in CBD bites and oils.

Because CBD oils and bites contain low levels of THC (less than 0.3%), these products do not have any psychoactive effect on your pets. Basically, your pets will get all the benefits without the giggle fits and the munchies.

Health benefits of CBD Hemp products

CBD Hemp products can help your pet feel better. It has been reported to help support the immune system, support circulationhelp with physical discomforts, and helps support joint flexibility and mobility. In some cases it can promote an energizing effect.

Mental health benefits of CBD Hemp products

Besides the numerous physical health benefits, CBD Hemp products may also positively impact mental health as well. CBD Hemp bites may offer support with stress or ‘feeling down.’ It is an all-natural and organic product that you can feel good about giving your pet. Our personal line of CBD Hemp bites and oils are made with organically grown hemp and five species of organic functional mushrooms. You can use it as needed, or make it part of your pet’s daily routine.

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