You’ve just sat down in your favorite recliner, ready to dive into another chapter of your book, when all of a sudden you hear a loud BAM, BOOM, CLINK! It’s the garbage truck making its rounds throughout your neighborhood again. You look over and see your sweet canine friend hiding under the table, excessively panting and shaking uncontrollably. This is a scenario that a lot of pet parents are all too familiar with. Suddenly, loud noise like thunder, gunshots, fireworks, vacuum cleaners, or the garbage truck can send your canine friend into a panic. What is this odd behavior? It’s called Noise Sensitivity in dogs, and it’s more common than many pet owners realize. 

What are noise sensitivities in dogs? 

Noise sensitivities” is a phrase that encompasses a wide range of fearful and anxious behaviors as a result of loud and sudden sounds.  

Now, it’s not unusual that sudden loud noises will trigger responses from our canine friends, especially if they are rescues. We all know that rescue dogs have been through a lot, so noise sensitivities, as well as being apart from their owner, can really heighten their already fearful behaviors. After all, the sound of something crashing to the floor in another room will make even us humans jump sometimes—which may explain why most dogs are so reactive to fireworks, for example. But we’re not talking about this kind of noise sensitivity, as this is likely considered noise phobia –– where a dog attempts to avoid or escape due to an excessive amount of fear of a sound. 

No, we’re talking about hypersensitivity to sounds that cause the following behaviors

And these behaviors can persist for hours after the noise ends. What’s worse, noise sensitivities can affect any dog breed, at any age. So the real question is, why do some of our canine friends struggle with noise sensitivities in the first place? 

The underlying cause of noise sensitivities in dogs

Researchers believe that unexplained discomfort could intensify when a dog is startled by noise. Now we know this might sound odd – how would the sudden loud noises of a garbage truck or vacuum cleaner intensify discomfort in our canine friends? As surprising as this may sound, studies have shown data that it does. Researchers believe that sudden loud noises can cause our canine friends to tense up, which can exacerbate their discomfort. This might explain why some dogs, who might have unexplained or unknown discomfort, struggle so much with noise sensitivities. 

Another difference between this type of event happening to us versus our pets is how we deal with the change in situation. Picture this: you’re lying in bed at night, and you suddenly hear something rustling around outside your window. It gets louder and louder, and now you’re filled with anxiety and fear. Before you know it, you’re imagining the worst, and suddenly your heart starts racing, your stomach cramps up, and you feel a headache coming on. However, as humans, once we’re able to identify where the noise is coming from and we realize it’s not a threat, relief usually sets in and we can calm down. That’s not always the case for our canine friends. They can’t always understand or even comprehend where sudden loud noises come from; nor do they comprehend whether that noise is an actual threat or just something as simple as the weekly garbage truck, which poses no danger to them.

And to make matters worse, our canine friends don’t even understand what discomfort is. They only know that the noise is scary, and now they’re tensed up, feeling uncomfortable without explanation. So what can we do to help with their discomfort and help calm their nerves when sudden loud noises arise? 

CBD oil may help calm your dog’s sensitivities to noise

When it comes to helping manage your dog’s normal stress, CBD (Cannabidiol) could be a real game-changer for them. It promotes a calming effect, and helps support joint flexibility and mobility, which both help combat the undesired reaction your pet has to loud and unexplainable noises. There have been many studies done that show the other benefits CBD could provide for your pets.

At Holistic Hound, we too are pet parents, and we’re all too familiar with dogs struggling with sensitivities. 

That’s why we create organic, non-GMO CBD products that an independent third party has thoroughly tested. This means our products are free from heavy metals, molds, bacteria, and other toxic contaminants. 

It’s normal to feel helpless when you see your sweet pup struggling from loud, unexpected, or strange (to them) noises. But CBD may help our pet companions better cope in these situations.

Your pets are our pets.  Improving the health and wellness of your companions is what drives us to create purely organic, high-quality products. As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.