Now that hemp and the plethora of the benefits it may provide are becoming more well known, many pet parents are turning to this organic and natural ingredient as a potential solution for some of their pet’s health issues. However, many are nervous about how to introduce full spectrum hemp products to their pets for the first time. As with any new products, you want to start slowly and be aware of any adverse reactions.

Why Is Your Pet Having Health Issues?

Introducing hemp to your pet
Start slowly, observing your pet for any adverse reactions.

If you’re looking to try full spectrum hemp products, it’s most likely because your pet is showing signs of discomfort, stress, or other health problems. Before you start self-diagnosing your pet, have him or her get checked out by a veterinarian. Understanding why a pet is sick or behaving differently is vital before starting with any products.

Administering the Products

The way you administer full spectrum hemp will affect the time it takes to see the effects. Giving the hemp oil directly on an empty stomach will have the fastest impact. If you prefer to provide it with food, the results may take a little longer. Give it time, and don’t rush the process. Don’t be tempted to give an extra dosage because you don’t see any effects right away.

Amount to give

Always follow the instructions provided on the label. Depending on why you are giving your pet full spectrum hemp, the effects can take anywhere between an hour to a few weeks before you see results. If you are treating a pet experiencing stress, the results could take effect in as few as 20 minutes. For pets with long-term discomfort or similar ailments, it could take a few weeks to see the desired results. The more you know your pet’s daily routine, behaviors, and personality, the easier it will be to spot when the effects kick in.

Giving pet hemp for first time
Giving your pets hemp oil directly will have the quickest effect on an empty stomach.

Once you get used to giving your pet full spectrum hemp, you can tweak the dosage to meet the needs of the pet until desired results are seen, especially if your pet is experiencing physical discomfort. Instructions are meant to be used at guidelines to alter as you see fit.

Observing Your Pet

Being cognizant of a pet’s normal and healthy behaviors is essential when observing the effects of full spectrum hemp. Start slowly and carefully so that any causes for adverse effects can be pinpointed. The first time giving full spectrum hemp products to a pet, make sure that you have time to stay at home and keep an eye on him or her.

The more time you can attend to your pet during these introduction stages, the easier you can find the appropriate amount and the best method of administration – which means your pet can experience the benefits as quickly as possible!


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