The holidays can be tough on pets. There’s a lot of food and treats that everyone else seems to be enjoying, but that they are not allowed to go near. Holiday cheer can sometimes just seem like loud, scary noise to your pet. Before hosting a holiday party or filling the home with family members from out of town, make a plan for your pet and set house rules that both you and your guests follow.

CBD treats and oils for pets
Make sure your guests aren’t sneaking your pet too many goodies under the table.

No scraps off the holiday dinner table

A piece of turkey, a scrap of pie crust, or a dollop of mashed potato that has fallen to the ground isn’t going to kill your dog. However, make sure that your guests understand that they shouldn’t purposefully feed your dog scraps from the table. For one, it will set a bad precedent for the future, and two, rich holiday food prepared for people could easily upset your dog’s digestive system.

Cocktail parties where everyone is standing and eating with a plate in one hand and a drink in another will leave a lot of scraps of food on the floor. Remember, as much as they may enjoy it in the moment, your dog is not a vacuum cleaner.

Depending on the personality of your dog, treat him or her to a meaty bone in another room while you and your family sit down and enjoy your holiday meal. This will also prevent your dog from sneaking into the trash and grabbing some “leftovers” while you’re enjoying your party.

Protect your pet from loud noises

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We’ve got our own line of organic cannabis treats and oils infused with medical mushrooms to help nervous and anxious dogs through the holiday festivities.

Music, laughter, champagne popping, sparklers, and other holiday noises can be terrifying for your pet. However, you don’t have to sit out the holidays just because you have a nervous pet; you just need to provide a safe space for your pet while you celebrate and pick up some CBD/Mushroom treats or oils from our store on Walnut in Berkeley. They are an all-natural and organic cannabis and medicinal mushroom treat that have helped anxious pets relax and be better equipped to handle out of the ordinary and loud holiday festivities.

If you are going to be traveling with your pet over the holidays, these CBD/Mushroom treats are the perfect solution to keep them calm and happy during the drive (or the flight,) and they won’t be so anxious when you reach your destination and your pet has to sleep in a new bed, play in a new house, and pee in a new yard.

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