The use of hemp in pet healthcare is relatively new. Therefore, parents are naturally a little skeptical. One of the biggest fears that pet parents have is accidentally getting their pets high and making matters worse. Our full spectrum hemp products are organic and contain zero THC, so they just receive the calming effects and health benefits of hemp. Here’s our guide for skeptical parents when shopping for full spectrum and CBD products for their pets.

Our full spectrum hemp oil contains CBD, as well as other beneficial constituents that work synergistically for what is known as the “Entourage Effect”

Understanding the Terminology

Many terminologies are being thrown around in the hemp industry: CBD, PCR, full spectrum, THC, and more. CBD is what most people are familiar with, but our full spectrum hemp products take the benefits of CBD one step further. There are hundreds of beneficial constituents in the hemp plant that work synergistically, known as the “Entourage Effect,” and “full spectrum” is a term we use that more accurately describes the hemp we use in our products. Potential benefits of full spectrum hemp include creating a calming effect, helping with physical discomforts, supporting the immune system, and much more.

Third Party Testing

Pets can get all the benefits of the hemp plant without being afraid of the product being psychoactive.  To ensure this, one should always check that full spectrum products ONLY have trace amounts of THC (0.3% or less) and that broad spectrum products contain 0.0% THC. Since hemp products are relatively new on the market, they can be fairly unregulated if bought from an unreliable company. That means that you need to trust the company you buy from to do their own third-party testing so that you can trust the ingredients. Before purchasing a full spectrum hemp product for your pet, ask the seller for a 3rd party Certificate of Analysis (COA) so that you can verify that the product does not include psychoactive amounts of THC, and that it matches the product description.

Certificate of Analysis

Guide to PCR Hemp Products for Pets
We back up our claims of pure full spectrum hemp and no contaminants with a Certificate of Analysis.

Our 3rd party Certificate of Analysis is always available on our website. All of our products come with a COA, so customers can see that our products match their descriptions, the dosages are accurate, and they do not contain any contaminants.

Does the Seller Use the Product?

Another great question to ask any seller of hemp products is whether they use the products on their own pets. One of the main reasons we got into the hemp industry is because we saw the incredible health benefits that full spectrum hemp and CBD can offer first hand, thus inspiring us to create our own line of full spectrum hemp products. This is personal to us. We would not sell you something that we wouldn’t use on our own pets!