In the blind taste test for pet food, it should come as no surprise that kibble is the least desirable of all the foods. Although we tend to lean toward raw or cooked pet food, we understand that convenience and price may lead one to feed their pet kibble. But, there are ways that you can fortify your kibble, making it more nutritious and delicious for your pet.

Kibble vs. Raw/Cooked food

Best pet food

Nutrition is the foundation for your pet’s health. We believe that a raw or cooked pet diet provides the healthiest and most complete diet for pets. The best foods for your pets are species appropriate diets, or, even better, a pet appropriate diet. Just like our own diet, a meal consisting of fresh, raw, and organic products are far superior to processed foods. Kibble may boast to provide a complete meal, but they are packed with fillers like grains and potatoes that your pet doesn’t need. Instead of buying food where vitamins and minerals have been added, why not just eat the types of food that naturally have the essential vitamins and minerals?

Making kibble more nutritious

We won’t judge you if you feed your pet kibble – we have a few brands we like as well. But, if you feed kibble, we have some suggestions to fortify your kibble, making it both more nutritious and more delicious.

Mixing raw food and kibble

Making kibble more nutritious
Fortify your kibble with turkey, chicken, pork, lamb, duck and beef broth.

Your budget or your free time may not allow you to buy or prepare raw pet food. But, think about adding just a bit of raw food to your kibble once a day, or a few times a week. Any amount of raw food that you give your pet will be better than none.

Bone Broth

Feeding bone broth to your pets is the hottest trend in pet nutrition. Not only is the broth packed with essential vitamins and minerals, it tastes amazing and is hydrating. With kibble, your pet is going to need to drink more, and adding bone broth is the perfect solution to making kibble more exciting. Watch out for grocery store broth that contains a high amount of sodium and onions, which are toxic to our pets.

Green Juju

If you want to spice up your kibble, add some bone broth. If you want to spice up your bone broth, reach for the Green Juju. Green Juju is a fresh whole food supplement with a blend of buffalo bone broth, leafy greens, kale, coconut oil, ginger, lemon, and turmeric.

Fresh goat milk for pets
Fortify kibble with fresh goat milk.

Raw goat’s milk

Goat’s milk is a great probiotic to keep your pet’s gut healthy. It’s an easy way to fortify your kibble. We promise, your pets are going to love it!