A recent article in the New York Times talks about pet owners reaching for their medical marijuana cards to help their ailing pets deal with illnesses, aches, and pains. However, since medical marijuana for pets is still illegal in the state of California, we want to warn pet owners against using marijuana and advise them to opt instead for the non-psychoactive alternative, CBD treats.

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Don’t take the risk of your pet having a bad trip. Give them non-psychoactive, THC-free CBD treats for the positive medical benefits of marijuana, without the negative side-effects.

THC is harmful to your pet

The point of giving your dog CBD treats, or medical marijuana, is to relieve them of their suffering. Late-stage cancer and arthritis are extremely painful for your pet, and we fully understand wanting to reach for a natural alternative to synthetic pain medication.

If medical marijuana can help people who suffer from cancer and arthritis, then why can’t it also help our pets? The answer is, it can help your pet.

However, the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, can be harmful to your pet. Some pets may just get lethargic, but THC can also cause breathing problems, irregular heart rate, and cause your pet to freak out. You just never know if your pet is the one that’s going to have a bad trip, so why take the risk?

CBD treats have no proven side effects

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The founder of Holistic Hound, Heidi Hill, developed quality CBD treats to help your pet cope with cancer, arthritis, and stress.

Since there are known side effects of giving your pet THC-rich medical marijuana, we highly (no pun intended) recommend our virtually THC-free (and side-effect free) cannabis treats. Our CBD treats can give your pet all the benefits of medical marijuana, which include reducing pain, treating inflammation, minimizing anxiety, and helping treat other aches and pains that a pet may experience throughout his life. However, they only contain CBD from industrial hemp with less than .3% THC, the legal amount allowed in California.

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Caring for a sick pet is the toughest part of being a pet owner, and the staff at Holistic Hound have all witnessed firsthand the positive effects of CBD treats. That is why we have created a special line of high-quality CBD treats that combine the healing power of CBD and fungi to give your pet some relief and improve their quality of life during a difficult time. Stop by The Hound and pick up some CBD treats for your pet, and talk to the staff about the many benefits associated with cannabis treats for pets.

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