Although they’ve been around for centuries, we’ve been limiting them to soups, gravies, and pizza toppings, but in 2017, mushrooms are going to get the respect that they deserve and finally take the spotlight on the superfood stage. Mushrooms have super powers, and they can do wonders for your pets.

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Medicinal mushrooms are considered a superfood and can have great health benefits for your pet.

Medicinal powers of mushrooms

The medicinal powers of mushrooms range from fighting cancer and inflammation to boosting the immune system and balancing blood sugars. Using mushrooms or mushroom extracts to treat our pets is going to be much more common, as this natural wonder can help pets of all ages. Both young pets and older pets will benefit from a natural immune system boost that they get from mushrooms, helping them fight disease as they are developing into strong adults, or in their later years, improving their quality of life.

Mushroom contain polysaccharides and beta-glucans which activate and stimulate the immune system by increasing the white blood cell count. This will help you pet fight diseases and allergies, as well as act as a detoxifier, protecting our pets from toxins and pathogens which we are always coming into contact.

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Our brand of CBD treats and oils for pets infused with a blend of five organic mushrooms.



Fight pet cancer with medicinal mushrooms

Cancer is one of the major concerns for anyone, human, canine, or feline. The immune balancing properties of mushrooms make them a powerful, natural defense against cancers and other diseases. However, as with anything, it’s important that you talk to a professional to make sure that you aren’t overdosing (or underdosing) your pet.

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At Holistic Hound, we use mushroom extracts combined with non-psychogenic cannabis to create our own special brand of CBD treats for pets. This combination of cannabis and five medicinal mushrooms has several benefits to your pets, including immune-boosting, cancer-fighting properties, as well as properties that will help ease pain and calm a nervous pet.

We take a natural and holistic approach to pet care. For more information on medicinal mushrooms and cannabis for your pet, talk to our staff.Natural raw pet food in Berkeley

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