Mushrooms have been used for centuries in many different cultures for medicinal purposes as well as nutrition. The high source of protein in mushrooms, as well as many essential vitamins and minerals. Mushrooms aren’t just great for people; they’re great for your pets as well. Just be sure to buy a product that is specifically manufactured for your cat or dog.

Health benefits of medicinal mushrooms for pets
Reishi mushrooms are known for their anti-cancer properties.

Mushrooms has all the components of a superfood

Mushrooms are rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin D, and folic acid. They contain a bunch of minerals that are great for pets (and people,) proteins, essential oils, antioxidants, and much more. In fact, it’s time we gave mushrooms the credit they deserve and label them as a superfood.

Health benefits of mushrooms

Being a superfood, mushrooms will give your pet’s immune system a boost. This is particularly good for pets that are prone to infection, bacteria, viruses, and inflammation. Young animals whose immune systems haven’t fully developed will benefit from the immune boosting powers of medicinal mushrooms. Many medicinal mushrooms also have anti-cancer properties!

The medicinal mushroom can also be calming to pets that are prone to stress and anxiety. Mushroom give owners a natural and healthy method of treating their pets and relieving them of their anxiety.

Medicinal mushrooms for Bay Area pets

Natural pet store in Berkeley, California
Our brand of CBD treats and oils for pets, infused with a blend of 5 organic mushrooms.



Before you go purchasing a bunch of mushrooms and feeding them to your pet, talk to your veterinarian about the right dose and mixture of mushrooms. Better yet, buy a product that is already manufactured specifically for your pet.

CBD treats and oils with medicinal mushrooms

At The Hound, we have seen first-hand the incredible effects of medicinal mushroom and cannabis for pets. Our CBD treats are specifically designed with our pet in mind, taking care to get the right blend and strength of cannabis and mushroom. These treats can help young pets develop strong and healthy immune systems and prevent disease,  they can help nervous pets relax and enjoy life, and they can improve the life of an aging dog in their final years of life.

Stop by our natural pet food store in Berkeley and pick up some cannabis and medicinal mushroom infused treats and oils for cats and dogs.


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