Despite medicinal mushrooms being used for medicinal purposes for centuries, many pet parents are wary of treating their pets with medicinal mushrooms. The common misconception about organic medicinal mushrooms is that they are poisonous and hallucinogenic. We’d like to dispel this myth right up front. Treating pet ailments with medicinal mushrooms will neither poison your pet or send then tripping through the woods. Now, let’s talk about what medicinal mushrooms can do for your pet’s health.

Benefits of medicinal mushrooms for pets
Shiitake mushrooms are one of five organic mushrooms that we use in our CBD treats.

Organic medicinal mushrooms boost immune system

Organic mushrooms can have incredible benefits for your pet’s immune and digestive health. Mushrooms contain thousands of good enzymes, nutrients, and proteins that can combat a variety of ailments. The primary component of medicinal mushrooms are polysaccharides called beta-glucans. Beta-glucans help the body respond appropriately to various stressors, from physical to mental ailments.

Medicinal mushrooms have anti-cancer properties

Medicinal mushrooms have become increasingly popular due to their anti-cancer properties. Beta-glucans stimulate white-blood cells, which can fight tumors. And, medicinal mushrooms have very few side-effects, as well as, supporting many major bodily systems. Mushrooms can be a preventative measure against cancer, but can also be used to help boost your pet’s immune system while undergoing other treatments for cancer, like chemotherapy.

Other health benefits of medicinal mushrooms

Misconceptions about medicinal mushrooms for pets
Turkey Tail mushrooms are part of our medicinal mushroom blend to promote overall pet health.

Besides their cancer-fighting properties, medicinal mushrooms support a healthy digestive system, respiratory system, and cell growth. Medicinal mushrooms can also promote detoxification, healthy joints, and help your pet overcome environmental stressors. In short, medicinal mushrooms are a wonderful supplement to your pet’s diet to improve their overall health without side-effects.

CBD treats and oils with medicinal mushrooms

We are big believers in treating pets with organic products for maximum health benefits. None of our cannabis and mushroom-infused products are poisonous or hallucinogenic. Our CBD treats use organic whole plant hemp and are infused with a blend of five certified organic medicinal mushrooms for additional healthy support.

Learn more about the science behind our CBD treats infused with medicinal mushrooms, and stop by our shop to pick up some oils and treats for your cats and dogs.