• Danielle

    Danielle hails from the strip malls of Southern California but moved north to the redwoods of UC Santa Cruz to study ecology and evolutionary biology. She moved to Oakland in 2013 to pursue a career in science communications. She’s happy to be back at the Hound after a stint in the cannabis industry and then a brief sabbatical as a wrangler in Montana. She enjoys researching and writing about cannabis science and is currently helping Heidi with her burgeoning CBD business. When she’s not at the Hound Danielle can be found hiking, watching the Simpsons, and thinking about dogs and horses.

  • Irene

    Irene is a Los Angeles native, but recently made the move to the Bay Area after an opportunity to join the wonderful team at the Hound arose. She has always had a strong affection for animals, but her passion for animal welfare issues truly began when her family adopted their first pit bull-type dog, Lola. Lola’s tenderhearted, noble and goofy disposition challenged the stereotypes that afflicts the image of a pit bull. Though Lola passed away in August of 2014, her beautiful legacy continues to influence Irene to advocate for breed equality. In her spare time, Irene can be found exploring national parks, car camping, or trying to pet every dog at the local animal shelter. 


  • Meagan

    Meagan was born and raised in Wisconsin, where she developed a love for animals and nature. She graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in zoology, and moved out to the Bay Area with her husband a few years later. She has experience in environmental education, and relishes the opportunity to reach out to people to improve the way we care for our pets. She is a major reptile lover and currently shares her home with a little leopard gecko. When she isn’t helping out at Holistic Hound, Meagan enjoys hiking in National Parks with her husband, cooking, and playing her violin.

  • Dianne

    Dianne is a recent arrival to the Bay Area from Seattle. She graduated from the University of Washington and spent several years in the pet care industry before the sun drew her to California. Dianne is passionate about pit bulls and has three of her own. Sasha and Face still live in Seattle but Fred is her constant companion and pride and joy. On her days off, you can usually find Dianne, boyfriend Andrew, and Fred at Point Isabel, romping and fetching and retrieving tennis balls from trees. Andrew also works in Berkeley, with exotic birds and Dianne enjoys visiting the various avian characters that come through his store. Between departing Seattle and settling in Richmond, Dianne had a chance to travel briefly throughout Nor Cal and her interest has been piqued to explore more of California and enjoy all that Berkeley, San Francisco and the Bay Area have to offer.

  • Kelly

    Kelly has always dreamed of working with animals, and has always loved living with them. At its zenith, her childhood home housed three dogs, six cats, two goldfish, three mice, and a horse named Crazy Notion. For the past several years she has lived in Washington, D.C., where she briefly worked on Capitol Hill before leaving it all behind and becoming a barista. Soon enough, California called her home, where she and her fiance adopted a three-legged Pit Bull Terrier named Maggie, who steals the hearts of everyone she meets. In her free time, Kelly enjoys baking, cycling, and binge-watching Lord of the Rings.

  • Lancia
    Lancia is a native of the Bay Area, growing up mostly in Berkeley and El Cerrito. She has extensive experience as an animal guardian, growing up with dogs, cats, rabbits, frogs, geckos, and fish. There is not a “small” animal (snakes are not animals, in her opinion) that Lancia wouldn’t love to care for…space and time being the only obstacles. Her academic interests include history and arts and especially, fashion. Lancia’s current and only baby, Wilbur, can be seen on Instagram sporting a fashionable ‘do and posing for portraits. Before joining HH, Lancia put in many years at a local doggy day care, and working at one of the first retail+veterinarian clinics in the bay area. When not working, Lancia and her beau, Max, and Wilbur can be found hiking, romping at the dog park, or going to the snow. She has plans to teach Wilbur how to snowboard. Lancia would love to help you pick out the best leash/harness combination, how to make a doggy teepee, or discuss the benefits and techniques of tooth brushing.