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Your dog will love our sea jerky treats!

Any trend that we see in our lives will soon make its way to our pets. That’s because most owners consider their pets to be equal members of the family. In fact, we are not owners, we a providers, protectors, and parents. So, as members of the family, it’s time that we start providing our four legged children with the same healthy, natural nutrition and care that we would provide for our two-legged children.

Natural pet food for cats and dogs in Berkeley

Holistic Hound is like a farmers market for cats and dogs. We have all the best locally sourced, organic, raw, and natural foods and supplements that you’ll need to provide a species-appropriate and balanced diet for your cat and dog.

Just like we read the labels of the food that we buy for ourselves and our family, we should also read the label of the pet food that we buy. Gone are the days of buying animal grade products for animals. They deserve better than that. Parents should be looking for human grade ingredients in their pet food, and just like with everything else, if you don’t understand the ingredients, chances are they aren’t good for you… or your pet.

Treats can be healthy, too

We also have an extensive treat section. However, just because it’s a treat, doesn’t mean it can’t also have health benefits for your pets. Raw bones for dogs will help with dental hygiene, and provide some additional vitamins and minerals that are good for your pet.

Natural health care for cats and dogs

Natural pet food and supply shop

We’ve got a large selection of natural pet products to keep your pet shiny, healthy, and happy.

As we cut out processed food, sugar, and chemicals from our own lives, we need to start looking for the same natural alternatives for our pets. We have a large selection of natural health products for pets, including natural ticks, flea, and mosquito repellents.

Special pet services for cats and dogs

We love it when people bring their pets to the store. We love meeting the furry clients, because it is for their benefit that we are here, to begin with. Besides love, cuddles, pets, and attention, we also provide special pet care services, like mineral hair analysis and allergy testing.

We are always learning about how to care for our pets, and we want to share all of that knowledge with our clients. We often have pet experts join us at the Hound for ongoing educational talks on the latest in natural and holistic healthcare for pets.

East Bay natural health care and nutrition for cats and dogs

Holistic Hound is a family owned business located in Berkeley, California. We provide natural food, supplements, first aid, and health care services for our Bay Area clients.