Natural bug repellents for pets
Herbal supplements can give your pet a natural defense against ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes.

The upside to raising a pet in the Bay Area is that you get year-round outdoor fun. Even in the winter time, when Californians break out a sweater and a beanie, it’s still never too cold to play outside. That means that all year round, our pets are running through fields and tall grass, sniffing out every trail and rummaging through the forest, and all year round, pet parents have to carefully comb their pet’s coats looking for ticks and fleas. If you’re getting bitten by a few mosquitoes, you can bet your pet is getting bitten, too. To avoid toxins and chemicals to protect our pets, we’ve found a few natural tick, flea, and mosquito repellents that will keep your pet itch-free and safe. Like most holistic choices, these solutions work from the inside out, giving your pets a natural defense against ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes.

Supplements create natural defense against bugs

What we love about supplements to fight ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes is that each supplement works to strengthen your pet’s immune system, giving them a natural defense against these little buggers, plus many other diseases and illnesses. With natural supplements, using herbs, vitamins, and minerals, you are strengthening your pet from the inside out, making supplements a long-term solution. Neither you, nor your pet, will notice the addition of supplements, but the little blood suckers will quickly get turned off and leave your pet alone.

Earth Animal bug repellentEarth Animal

Earth Animal produces a highly digestible power that will build up in your pet and produce an unwanted scent that bugs detest. This product is 100% natural and is safe for you, your pet, and the environment. Add this to your pet’s food all year round for maximum protection. The longer you give your pet this supplement, the stronger the effect.


Supplement to repel bugsPetzLife is another great powdered supplement that is safe for pets of all ages. PetzLife takes about five days to build up in your pet, but then it is going to naturally repel bugs for up to one month. For prime bug-weather, like summer in the Bay Area, you can adjust your dosage to fit the level of risk.

Natural bug repellent treats for petsFlea Treats

Flea Treats taste like liver, so your pet will love them, but they’re packed with Vitamin B, which means that bugs will hate the effect they have on your pet. Vitamin B is a natural bug repellant, and it also promotes a healthy coat and a well-functioning nervous system.