We love that more and more pet parents are taking the holistic approach to their pets’ health and nutrition. Because the demand is out there, our supply of pet products that meet the highest standards has also grown. We offer raw pet foods that are sustainably sourced, promote the humane treatment of animals, are certified organic, and are made with all-around high-quality ingredients.

Smallbatch healthy and sustainable pet food

The best food for petsOur best-selling raw pet food comes from Smallbatch. This Bay Area company represents everything that we love here at Holistic Hound. Smallbatch is a small, family-owned operation (just like us) and believes that we should be as picky about what goes into our pet food bowl as our own plate. When you serve your pet Smallbatch, you are feeding your pet organic produce with zero artificial ingredients or preservatives and no synthetic vitamins or minerals. The meats that are used in Smallbatch are all certified humanely raised under the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) rating system.

Global Animal Partnership

We think all animals should be treated with respect, even the ones that we feed to ourselves and our pets. The GAP is a non-profit organization where farmers, scientists, retailers, manufacturers, and animal advocates collaborate to improve farm animal welfare.

Humanely sources meats for pet food

Five-Step Animal Welfare Ratings System designed by the Animal Welfare Partnership.

Raw pet food made with humanely raised and harvested meats

Besides Smallbatch, we have a large selection of new products coming out that meet the standards of the GAP and are made from meats that are ethically raised and sourced.

Open Farm Dry Dog Food

Natural and organic pet food in Bay AreaHealthy pet foods made from high-quality ingredients, all from ethical sources. Each product is thoughtfully designed to help your pets thrive without hurting other animals and the planet in the process.


Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Cooked Food

Organic raw pet food in Bay AreaGently and naturally dehydrated gourmet cat and dog food made from natural human-grade ingredients.

Primal Frozen Pet Food

Organic pet food in Bay AreaPrimal only uses the best ingredients for their frozen raw pet foods because that’s what your pets deserve.

Evermore Fresh Cooked Pet Food

Natural and organic pet food in Bay Area

Evermore “obsessively” sources their ingredients to ensure that their pet products promote health, sustainability, and the humane treatment and harvesting of animals.

Holistic pet store in Bay Area

We carry pet products from food to toys that are all made from responsibly sourced products. Come check out our selection of raw pet foods that all meet the sustainable and humane standards set forth by the GAP.

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