Happy New Year!

Help pet lose weight
Help you cat or dog lose weight and regain their lust for life in 2018.

As you all start renewing that gym membership and making all kinds of promises to yourself about a healthier 2018, take a moment to look at your pet. In 2016, over half of the pets in the US were classified as being overweight. That’s almost 42 million pets that are running (or not running, as the case may be) around with a few extra pounds. Overweight pets are at risk of serious health problems, not to mention, it can take away some of their joie de vivre. Unfortunately, pets aren’t going to recognize their own weight problems, so it’s up to the pet parents to take action and help overweight pets lose the weight in 2018.

Helping Pets Lose Weight

The first step to a healthy pet is for you to recognize that there is a problem. And, it’s also time to recognize that a chubby pet isn’t cute, but a potential health hazard. Not only will the extra pounds limit your pet’s mobility, but it can also cause serious health problems, like high blood pressure, weak joints, and depression.

Understanding the cause of weight gain

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A daily exercise routine and a healthy diet will increase energy and overall health.

Lack of exercise and improper diets are the main cause of a pet becoming overweight. Not understanding the ingredients that make up our pets’ food can lead to overfeeding, or too many preservatives and sugars that cause weight gain. We also tend to forget that it is up to us to promote exercise, or daily playtime, to keep your pet active and burning off extra calories. We are also all guilty of being too lenient with the treats, especially during the holidays.

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Get nutritional advice to help your pet lose weight.

Healthy and Happy Pets

Feeding your pets right and helping them lose extra pounds will make your pets healthier. Plus, once your pet starts to lose their weight and return to their normal size, you’ll notice that their lust for life will start to increase. A healthy pet is a happy pet. With the right pet diet and some daily physical play time, your pet will start to act like a puppy or a kitten again. And, who knows, helping your pet eat better and exercise more may also help you do the same!