Self-care has become a buzzword for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and finding that ever-elusive work-life balance. Our pets can be a significant component in our self-care routines, along with an abundance of self-care products. Why not treat your pet to some natural and organic products that are created to promote health and help ease physical discomforts? Our Full Spectrum Hemp Soothing Balm is a must-have!

Grooming Strengthens Our Bond

Heidi Hill, creator of our Full Spectrum Soothing Hemp Balm.

Grooming is a vital component of self-care for both humans and pets. Dogs are pack animals, and a strong bond between the pack becomes evident when you see two dogs sniffing, kissing, licking, and grooming each other. These behaviors can be signs of respect for a higher ranking dog in the pack, affection, or to comfort and draw attention to ailments and problem areas. When bringing a dog into our home, they look to us to care for them and protect them. Grooming our dogs will strengthen our bond, but grooming is more than just brushing and washing; it’s about paying attention to treat and heal cuts, bruises, and skin problems as well.

Soothing Hemp Balm

Heidi Hill, certified homeopath and owner of Holistic Hound, thoughtfully created our Full Spectrum Soothing Hemp Balm drawing from her own experience with her pets. This product is formulated to give pet parents a natural and holistic remedy to care for pets that have cuts, scrapes, bruises, hot spots, itching, dryness, and yeast. This balm is made from a blend of full spectrum CBD hemp oil, derived from organically grown hemp from Colorado. It also contains essential oils, different kinds of butter, and other natural ingredients to help soothe and comfort your pet, while helping combat these undesired issues.

This product should be in your holistic first-aid kit for pets. Your pet will love the potential benefits, as well as the time that the two of you spend together grooming and caring for each other.