Nutrition is at the heart of good health whether you walk upright or on all fours. But, there’s a great ongoing debate about which type of diet is best for your pet. We’re not here to take sides, we’re just here to highlight the positive reasons that pet owners choose either raw or cooked-meat based diets.

Raw or cooked pet food

There are two sides to the pet food debate. On one side, you have the proponents of a raw pet food diet and on the other side, you have the proponents of a cooked pet food diet. Both sides are steadfast in their beliefs, but, when it comes to researching the best diet for your pet, we believe it’s good to hear both sides of the argument.

Arguments for raw meat-based diets

Benefits of raw meat-based diet for pets
Feed your pets like their inner wolf and wildcat with a raw meat-based diet.

Feed the inner wolf or wildcat

They may sleep all day and love a good belly rub, but make no mistake, your cats and dogs are descendants of wild animals. Therefore, they are meant to eat like wild animals. Proponents of a raw meat-based diet for pets is that it is the type of diet that more closely mirrors the type of diet they would have eaten in the wild. When it comes to mealtime, you want to feed their inner wolf or wildcat and feed them a raw meat-based diet.

Raw food is more nutritious

Keeping food in its raw natural state preserves all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. If you cook the food, you risk reducing the nutritional value. The more nutritious the diet, the better it is for your pet, from a shiny coat to a stronger immune system.

Arguments for cooked meat-based diets

Decreased risk of bacteria

Handling raw meats will expose both the animals and the humans in the family to bacteria, especially when preparing the food at home. Salmonella can be a health risk to everyone, negating the high nutritional value of raw meat. By cooking your pet’s meat-based diet you are minimizing the risk of exposure to bacteria, like salmonella.

Benefits of cooked meat-based diet for pets
With a cooked meat-based diet you minimize the risk of coming in contact with bacteria.

Ingredient control

Cooking fresh food for your pet gives pet parents complete control of the ingredients they are feeding their pets. And, they can control the source. The more you know about what you’re feeding your pet the better. Home cooked meals allow the parents to feed each pet according to their biological makeup.