These days, hair analysis is a commonly used tool to gain insight into our health and nutrition. Often, a hair analysis will pinpoint problems before we even begin to see or feel any symptoms of illnesses. Now we have figure out how to extend this non-invasive cell analysis of our pets so that we can make informed decisions about their nutrition and diet to keep them healthy. Pet hair tissue mineral analysis is a pre-emptive strike against health problems and illnesses that can be caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies and buildup of toxic minerals.

A holistic approach to your pet's health

Don’t wait for symptoms of illness before testing your pet for toxic minerals.

Mineral analysis for pets

In the past, we’ve waited until the animal has shown sign of being sick or symptoms of health problems before going to a vet. Typically, finding out why your pet isn’t acting like themselves requires some invasive procedure, like testing blood or urine or taking a biopsy to get a closer look at the cells to determine if there are problems with the animal’s biochemistry or mineral levels.

At Holistic Hound, we’re happy to say that we offer a holistic, non-invasive look at your pet’s biochemistry. In every dog and cat hair, we find cells that can give us an accurate blueprint of the animal’s mineral levels, both the good and the toxic. Unfortunately, blood and urine analysis won’t give you an exact reading of your pet’s mineral levels, and you could miss important signs that your pet has a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Natural supplements for your pet in Berkeley

A pet hair analysis can tell you if your pet needs additional supplements to keep them healthy.

Pet fur analysis can provide pertinent information about the health of your pet. Toxic minerals sometimes build up over an extended period of time, at times even years. By the time we realize that our pet is suffering, it can be too late. A pet fur analysis can help you spot toxic minerals in the very early stages, giving you a chance to get ahead of the problem.

Toxic minerals can build up over a long period

The buildup of toxic minerals over time can lead to cancer, kidney failure, liver disease, and other neurological conditions. A fur analysis can also give you insight into the best diet for your pet, and if your pet needs additional supplements to keep them healthy.

Pet hair analysis in Berkeley, California

The screening tests for the levels of 20 minerals and metals and is an invaluable tool for pet owners who want the best for their pets.

We offer hair (pet fur)  tissue mineral analysis through Analytical Research Labs (ARL). Once the results are in, we can help you find the best natural pet food moving forward to keep your furry family member in excellent health.

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