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We brush and floss several times a day. Dental care is expensive, and good dental hygiene can save a fortune in dental visits. Your pets don’t have the capacity to floss and brush, so we need to help them protect their teeth. Good dental hygiene will protect your pet from painful tooth decay and cavities, but it will also protect your pet from more serious diseases that can come from untreated dental problems.

Anesthesia-free pet teeth cleaning in Bay Area

Don’t forget to treat your pet after a visit to the dentist.

Dental disease can lead to bigger health problems

A toothache or a cavity is the worst pain the world. That throbbing pain is enough to bring the toughest person to their knees. However, dogs and cats often hide their pain so it’s difficult to know they are suffering. However, if you’re paying attention, you’ll quickly spot a pet in pain from a toothache.

When they start refusing treats and food, there’s a good chance that they are experiencing a toothache. However, some pets will try to hide their pain. If they are still eating, pay attention to the way that they eat. Are they having trouble chewing? Are they dropping food?

When your pet’s behavior changes, it could be a sign that your pet is having dental problems and should be checked out by a veterinarian.

Untreated dental disease can lead to more serious diseases. When your pet is suffering from dental disease and infections, every time they swallow, they are further ingesting bacteria into their system. This can lead to kidney, heart, and liver failure.

Take preventative measures to protect your pet’s teeth.

Anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for pets

Holistic Hound has partnered with Waggin Smiles to provide anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for cats and dogs in the Bay Area. We recommend that all pets get annual teeth cleaning and checkups by a veterinarian, and Waggin Smiles does the whole procedure without drugging your pet.

Importance of good dental hygiene in pets

Absolutely NO anesthesia is used before or during our pet dental cleaning procedure.

Next dates for teeth cleaning at Holistic Hound

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Treat your pet after visiting the dentist

Every pet deserves a treat after visiting the dentist. It’s the rule. We have a large selection of natural products that are delicious and help your pet maintain great dental hygiene. Chewing on raw meaty bones is one of the best and most natural ways to ensure healthy teeth, but we also carry toothbrushes and gels, tartar and plaque removal supplements, and more.

Natural pet health care in Berkeley

Holistic Hound is a family run natural pet food, supplies, and healthcare shop in Berkeley, California. We take a natural and holistic approach to care for our pets, prevent disease, and strengthen their immune system. We also provide pet health care services and information for our clients.