Mighty Mojo Broad Spectrum Hemp & Mushroom Oil w/ 250 mg CBD and Water Soluble Hemp


Net Weight: 1 oz (28.4 g)

Holistic Hound’s newly reformulated Mighty Mojo Water Soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp and Mushroom Oil with 250 mg CBD now features water soluble broad spectrum hemp oil, significantly increasing bioavailability and ensuring increased absorption efficiency upon ingestion.

This oil, which is appropriate for use with both dogs and cats, is made with 250 mg of broad spectrum hemp oil, containing CBD and other beneficial constituents, and 13.5 g of wild-crafted Chaga mushroom extract.

Chaga mushrooms are rich in beta glucans, triterpenes, and antioxidants for additional health benefits. Reported benefits include reduced inflammation, calming, antioxidant, maintain a healthy intestinal tract, enhanced physical and mental well-being, and more.

Our hemp is organically grown and produced in Colorado using a solvent-free, super critical CO2 extraction method. Chaga mushrooms are harvested from birch trees in pristine woodland environments in the US.


8.3 mg CBD per dropper

1 “full dropper” = 1 ml

Holistic Hound products can be administered once or twice daily, or as needed. Because our broad spectrum hemp oil is non-intoxicating, you can give more or less until desired results are achieved. Can be given orally, directly in the mouth, on an empty or full stomach, with or without food. The dosing instructions for each product are located on the back of the label.

Suggested Serving for Dogs:

WeightGraduated Dropper
Up to 25 lbs0.25 – 0.30 mL
25 – 50 lbs0.30 – 0.60 mL
50 – 75 lbs0.60 – 1 mL


Suggested Serving for Small Dogs and Cats:

WeightGraduated Dropper
5 – 10 lbs2 – 7 drops
10 – 25 lbs7 – 14 drops

Each batch is tested for potency, microbial content, and pesticide and solvent residue by an accredited third-party lab.

Lab Results:

Active Ingredients per 1 oz bottle:

  • Water soluble broad spectrum hemp extract……..250 mg CBD
  • Wildcrafted Chaga Mushroom Extract……..13.5 g

Inactive Ingredients per 1 oz bottle:

  • Vegetable Glycerin, Quillaja Extract


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