In anticipation of the upcoming festivities, numerous pet owners are preparing for a stressful time for their animals. Although we might like the colorful fireworks that light up the sky, our beloved pets have a particularly hard time with unexpected flashes and loud noises. There are several easy ways you can help your animals during this time of year and reduce their levels of stress.

It’s important to understand what your dog is fearful of to best mitigate his anxiety.

Create a hideout for your animal

When loud noises fill the air, your animals will be in desperate search for a dark and safe place. Be proactive and create a little nook in a cupboard or under furniture where your frightened animals can hide away. Place their favorite toys in that area to help comfort them.

Keep your animals indoors during nighttime

Since fireworks happen at night, schedule your walks during the daytime to keep your animals safe and less stressed.  If your pet hides in his favorite safe spot, let him stay there until he feel relaxed enough to move around. Also, pets that live outside still need to be placed in a soundproof and protected area.

Anxiety over fireworks
If your cat hides to feel safe, do not try to draw him out.

Adjust your home environment

Pull down the blinds, turn down the lights, and play music or a movie that will drown the noises coming from the outside. By blacking out your room, you will protect your pet from sudden flashes of fireworks that might cause him to panic.

Do not fuss around your pets

Even though it might be hard to resist, do not react to your pet’s fear.  It will make their anxiety worse. Petting them will reinforce his fearful behavior, so just ignore him until he calms down.

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