We all know that binge-watching Netflix with a bowl of microwave popcorn probably isn’t good for us. But, the lack of exercise both for us and our pets caused by multiple streaming is the least of our problems. The effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) generated by all things chargeable by electricity may be the cause of serious health problems for everyone, whether you walk upright or on all fours.

EMF exposure

Harmful effects of EMF on pets
What you don’t see here is the harmful electromagnetic field emanating from your tablet and surrounding you and your pet.

Most scientists agree that we still need a lot more research on the effects of EMFs on animals and people, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be taking precautions and limiting our exposure to EMFs as much as possible. EMF exposure can have serious health effects on all of our biological systems and is potentially a carcinogen. To minimize the effects of EMF, we should take steps to limit our EMF exposure.

Effects of EMF on pets

The effects of EMF exposure may cause problems with behavior, digestion, sleep, and fertility, as well as your pets biological tissue, organs, vitamin, and mineral levels. In the worst cases, cancer and heart disease may also be attributed to EMF exposure.

Sources of EMF in the home

With a modern home, it’s almost impossible to avoid EMFs. The most common sources of EMF are tablets, laptops, and smartphones. These are also items that have quickly become an extension of our bodies. If you’re one of the many that have sworn to cut back on “screentime” in 2019, then add EMF as a powerful motivator to step back from all of your communication devices. Of course, all other electrical devices in the home can be the source of an electromagnetic field.

An EMF originates from electricity, so faulty wiring in the home is a significant contributor to an increase in EMFs in the home. You think you’re a safe distance from your tablet, only to be sitting right next to an outlet with bad wiring.

Keeping pets away from EMFs


Minimize EMF exposure
Turn off your WiFi when you go to sleep to minimize EMF exposure.

To minimize these effects, keep your pets away from any source of EMF as much as possible. That means that kitty shouldn’t be prancing back and forth over your keyboard as you type, or rubbing their cheeks up against the screen. And your dog shouldn’t be sleeping under the desk since EMFs radiate from all sides of a computer or laptop.



Appliances and electronics can create localized EMFs, but wi-fi will flood your home with dangerous electrically charged particles. Limit your pets EMF exposure by turning off your Wi-Fi at night, or putting all of your devices on airplane mode.

Placement of electronics

Since EMFs can travel through solid object, place electronics along the outer wall of your home, if possible. That way you are sending some of the bad stuff out of your home, instead of into the next room.