Jacqueline Hill, co-owner of Answers Pet Food, came by to talk to me and the great staff at the Hound about her products which include raw food and raw goat’s milk.  Being a raw milk drinker myself I am aware of the many benefits; however, the benefits of raw goat’s milk are even more impressive!

  • Source of 200 species of live active probiotics and enzymes.  A healthy gut is a healthy animal!
  • A natural antihistamine; it stabilizes mast cells that reduce inflammation so it’s great for asthma and allergies.
  • High in caprylic acid which fights yeast
  • High in conjugated linoleic acid (only found in grass fed dairy animals) which studies have shown can lower the risk of cancer by up to 60% and may even shrink tumors
  • Contains all the enzymes (over 60) needed for digestion and is fully absorbed within 20 minutes so it’s great food  for dogs and cats with sensitive digestion

Most dogs and cats love the taste so it makes it easy to add to the food daily.  You can try it too!