When we make resolutions to better our lives, improve our health, or get more exercise, we forget that these resolutions all cost money to achieve. Sure, you can go for a run in the park, and you can do situps at home, but you’ll need a good pair of running shoes, you’ll need the right clothes, and if you’re used to eating cheap processed foods, you’ll have to start spending a little more on organic, locally sourced ingredients. The same is true for your pets. However, putting your pet on a raw food diet can be achieved on a budget.

Smaller portions of high-quality ingredients

Raw pet food in Berkeley
Organic, raw food, often locally sourced, for your cats and dogs.

Processed dry kibble with a lot of weird unpronounceable ingredients, additives, and fillers may cost less at the store compared to the natural raw food options, but if you look at the numbers and do the math, you may find that the recommended portion size for kibble is a lot more than the recommended portion of raw food. This is because with better ingredients comes a meal more packed with nutrients than that of the low-quality pet food.

If you buy quality ingredients, you won’t need to feed your pet as much, because they are getting everything they need in terms of a balanced diet in one small portion. If you think back on times where you’ve gone the fast food route, you’ll remember that while the processed meal may have been instantly satisfying, that satisfaction doesn’t last very long before your body starts to crave something more nutrient dense. Your pets will also get hungry faster if you don’t feed them quality food, and before you know it, you’ve spent much more on bad food over time than you would on buying high-quality raw pet food.

Buy pet food in bulk

If you have the storage space to buy your raw food in bulk, this could save you a little money. Of course, since you are dealing with raw food, you will need proper refrigeration because you don’t want to give your pet food poisoning.

Buy locally sourced products

Many homeowners are opting to make their own raw pet food. Many times, you can find very reasonably priced fruits and veggies from local farmers or at the farmer’s market. You may be able to work something out with your local butcher or farmer about buying quality meat products from free-range and well-cared-for animals.

Warning about making your own raw pet food

Raw pet food on a budget
If you make your own raw pet food, make sure you are getting the right balance of nutrients for each meal.

Making your own pet food can save a little money, and it’s a great way to ensure that you know exactly what your pet is eating. The downside of this method is making sure that each meal is balanced and that your pet is getting all the essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids that they need. If your home-cooked meals aren’t properly balanced, you could be doing your pet a disservice.