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  • I like the new treats!  First, they seem more effective at calming Cali than the other ones, and two, because I only need to give her one biscuit the bag is lasting longer!  So two ??  

    Lisa Perry
    Lisa Perry
  • My old buddy Scruggs (cat, 19.5 yrs old) and I were having a really tough time. He has pain issues; arthritis, bad teeth and maybe some kitty dementia. We went to see his vet for senior blood tests, pain meds etc. but (in a nutshell) the first meds caused extreme lethargy problems, and the second suggestion had some risks to his kidneys which we/he definitely didn’t need. I felt uncomfortable with having his teeth pulled and was at a loss of what else to try. In addition to my concerns about his well being, he was keeping me awake all night and I was exhausted. I’d heard from another old animal guardian that howling is common and in Scrugg’s case it didn’t seem to be only about pain. Holistic Hound suggested I try their CBD oil. OMG I couldn’t believe it! Right away it seemed to calm him and dial back the howling. He is still the same old guy with many of the same problems but all seem to have come down a notch or two in intensity. Yes, he still wakes me up but not as much. He still needs a lot of attention and careful monitoring but the situation has definitely improved!