Our dogs are beloved members of the family, and we always want the best for them. Besides buying them toys, feeding them right, and playing with them, it’s important to ensure their happiness by keeping a close eye on their health to notice possible complications early on. Since they cannot tell us they’re in pain, keeping track of unusual behavior is invaluable for a quick and timely reaction. Here are the most common signs your dog is feeling discomfort and pain:

Excessive Grooming

If you’ve noticed that your dog keeps licking a certain part of his body, this might signify he has a painful spot. Dogs lick areas that hurt because it soothes them, giving them a sense they are cleaning their wound.

Change in Personality

Another clear symptom that something is wrong is when your pup experiences a definite change in personality. From avoiding your touch or eye contact to showing aggression, these changes will be noticeable. If this happens, take your pet to the vet to see what is going on.

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Extreme Panting

Dogs pant in different situations and for various reasons. On a hot day or after vigorous exercise, dogs pant to regulate their body temperature. Another reason for panting can be to relieve stress. If you have noticed your dog pants a lot in unexplained circumstances, check in with the vet.

Lack of Appetite

If your dog refuses to eat or drink for extended periods of time, he might be in pain. Digestive issues, internal injuries, and an upset stomach are potential reasons for avoiding food and water. If you notice your dog is eating grass, that is also a sign he needs it to help him with pooping or even vomiting. To be sure your dog hasn’t ingested something poisonous, visit your vet to ask for advice.

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