Dogs are nothing if not playful creatures, and toys for dogs can be more than just a special treat. Toys can stimulate their brains, enhance physical activity, give them comfort, and make them feel special. We have a large selection of colorful,  stimulating toys for dogs that will have a positive impact on your best furry friend.

Benefits of dog toys
Let your dog pick out their own toy at Holistic Hound!

Benefits of toys for dogs

No one can deny a dog’s love of play. However, playtime isn’t just about having fun; it’s also about stimulating their brains and bodies for a healthier lifestyle. Just like games and toys can help our kids (and adults) develop, toys can help improve your dogs quality of life. The best part is that you can play together, bringing you and your dog closer together while providing them with much needed mental and physical exercise.

Toys for pups

Dogs at all stages of life will benefit from playtime and toys, but they are especially crucial in the development of a puppy. Although a new puppy may seem like they have no care in the world, coming to a new home and meeting new people can be a bit scary. You can distract a puppy from feelings of unease and anxiety with fun, colorful toys. Toys can help you bond with a new puppy, giving them a fun and safe introduction to their new home.

Chew toys

Puppies aren’t trying to destroy your pillows and shoes; they’re just teething. Chew toys that help them alleviate the pain of new teeth and sore gums can give your puppy and your furniture some relief.

Colorful Toys
Chew toys are great for puppies, alleviating teething pain and stimulating their mind at the same time.

Toys reduce destructive behavior

Toys are also great for dogs that spend time home alone. Instead of destroying your personal belongings and furniture because they are bored or lonely, they should have toys to toss about and tear into. Having a favorite toy around will also make them less anxious and afraid of being left alone.

Dog toys at Holistic Hound

We have a lot of fun, colorful, squeaky, and playful toys for dogs. While your dog is picking out their toy, you can talk to our staff about the best nutrition to support a happy, healthy, and holistic lifestyle.

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