There are many great supplements available for your pet to help balance their diets and give them all essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Fish oil has been around forever, and many pet owners swear by it, not just for their pet, but for the whole family. For now, let’s concentrate on who needs fish oil, and what the benefits are of supplementing your pet’s diet with fish oil.

Natural raw pet food and supplements in Berkeley
Fish oil can be great for an aging dog with joint pain or inflammation.

Benefits of fish oil

When necessary, an extra dose of fish oil can have numerous health benefits to your pet. Fish oil is rich in Omega-3 and is often used to rejuvenate and revitalize your pet’s skin and coat. It also supports healthy organ and brain functions, is great for your pet’s eyesight, and can give your pet relief from inflammation and joint pain.

Who may benefit from extra fish oil supplements

There are times in a pet’s life that they may need an extra dose of fish oil or Omega-3 fatty acids:

Natural pet food and supplements in the Bay Area
Fish oil can be beneficial to growing kittens and puppies.

Does your pet need extra Omega-3?

If you are feeding your dog a natural raw diet and rotating the ingredients and the brand from time to time, there’s a very good chance that a healthy adult pet has all the nutrients they need. It’s important that you don’t just blindly supplement your pet’s food, even if the packaging promises all-natural, organic ingredients.

Natural pet food and supplements in Berkeley

If you are feeding your pet a grain-heavy diet, fish oil supplement may be necessary. The more grain you feed your pet, the less Omega-3 your pet is getting.

The thing to remember is to provide a balanced, species-appropraite diet – the key word being “balanced.” Too much of a good thing can throw your dog’s biochemistry out of whack and cause additional problems, so figuring out the right balance of raw foods and supplements is an ongoing process.

If you notice signs of fatigue, dry and flaky skin, a dull coat, or various aches and pains, the solution could be to give them additional essential Omega-3 rich fish oil. You always want to make sure that your pet isn’t getting too much or too little of one thing. When a problem subsides, or the situation of the pet changes, you should once again evaluate your pet’s diet to make sure that they are getting the correct balance of essential nutrients.