As both people and pets are getting wise to the benefits of holistic medicine, we have to start to consider “when is too many supplements, too much?” Supplementing your pet’s food with herbs, vitamins, minerals, and superfoods can help prevent disease, but too much of a good thing can have the reverse effect. So, you can’t just supplement your pet food with reckless abandon; there has to be a method to your madness.

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Natural supplements can prevent disease

When you take your pet to the vet to get conventional western medicine, it is generally to treat a pet that has already contracted a disease or illness. Practicing holistic medicine is a preventative action that owners can take to try to prevent your pet from contracting the disease in the first place.

Western medicine is for treating an illness; holistic medicine is to boost the multiple systems so that your pet has the defense to fight disease. Adding superfoods and essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to a balanced diet will promote a healthy digestive, cardiovascular, and respiratory system. Some superfoods will also act as detoxifiers, cleansing your pet of any toxins that may build up.

The right supplements and superfoods can help boost your pet’s immune system to prevent chronic diseases, even cancer.

Supplements and Superfoods for your pets

You do need to be smart about what you put in your pet’s food. Every herb, vitamin, and mineral has an effect on your pet, and each will have a reaction to each other. So, make sure that you aren’t counterproductive in the supplements that you are giving your pet. The supplements you give should work together to make your pet healthier and stronger, not fight each other in your pet’s system so that your pet never reaps any of the benefits. Certain vitamins and minerals will not play well together and can prevent your pet from absorbing all the good stuff that can help fight disease.

Pet fur mineral analysis

Before you start to pepper your pet’s food with supplements, get a pet fur mineral analysis to find out what your pet is missing, and which supplements are needed to complete your pet’s diet.