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For decades, the commercial pet food industry has convinced us that it is incredibly difficult to make your own dog food and that cooking a homemade balanced meal for your cat or dog is nearly impossible for an average pet owner. Owners are scared to start making their own dog food for fear of harming their pet. However, the more we learn about the commercial pet food industry, the more we begin to realize that their standards for pet nutrition are the bare minimum, and we want more for our pets.

Natural pet food and supplements in East Bay

Our staff can help you learn about the nutritional needs of your pet and help put together a healthy, natural, balanced diet.

Homemade pet food isn’t complex

Somehow, we’ve managed to feed our children for centuries using fresh ingredients and common sense. We’ve made sure that they get a balanced and varied diet to give them all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to thrive. However, for some reason, we have been led to believe that making pet food is incredibly complex and is best left for experts, and so we continue to buy kibble and canned foods that only meet the bare minimum of nutrition requirements.

Let’s be clear: almost any home cooked meal comprised of a variety of fresh, organic, local ingredients with different nutritional value will be better than the pre-cooked food that you buy at the store. This is true for people as well as animals.

Get to know your pet’s nutritional needs

“Knowing that nutrition provides the foundation of good health, we carry premium quality human-grade foods, specializing in locally sourced raw foods, bones and treats.”

Of course, you can’t just feed your pet a raw free-range chicken, kale, and a blueberry smoothie every day. They’ll love it, but you need to get to know the nutritional needs of your pet before you make the switch from commercial brands to home cooked meals. Don’t worry; it’s not any different than learning about your own personal nutritional needs.

Consult with holistic practitioners and pet nutrition experts

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Making sure your pet gets all the nutrients they need isn’t as hard as you may think.

Our mission is to educate and provide ongoing support and guidance for pet owners who want to provide the best health care and nutrition for their pets. If you’re interested in starting your pet on a natural raw/cooked diet, start by consulting with the staff at our Berkeley store. We can provide you with information on nutrition and how to properly balance each meal for your pet. We also carry a variety of natural supplements and superfoods to help you balance each meal.

We also invite experts to give educational talks at the shop, and we refer clients to holistic practitioners who can help provide further advice and expertise.

Natural raw pet food in Berkeley

Don’t be scared to start cooking for your cats and dogs. After a while, you’ll start to enjoy making them delicious meals with a variety of foods, just like you enjoy cooking delicious meals for your family. Remember, cats and dogs are pack animals, and you are part of their pack. Why not cook them a meal and let them eat when the rest of the family sits down to dinner?

If you barely have time to cook for yourself, then we’ve also got premium quality natural raw pet foods, many locally sourced, that are just as good as any home cooked meal.

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