Holistic Hound, the store, was started by Heidi Hill in 2003 in Berkeley, California and is a combination of her two lifelong passions: animals and holistic healthcare. Her mission was to improve the health and wellness of our animal companions through a holistic approach that focuses on nutrition, complementary therapies, and education.

The store started carrying CBD supplements in 2014. Heidi gave CBD to her aging beloved husky, Pearl, every day for most of her final year, which minimized her discomfort and allowed her to enjoy a higher quality of life. When Heidi, her clients, friends and associates saw dramatic benefits after using CBD supplements on their pets, she set out to create her own line of special and distinct products.

Combining her existing knowledge of animals and the pet industry with her found passion for the healing power of full spectrum hemp and medicinal mushrooms, Heidi formulated supplements with the potential to help more animals across the country. She worked with an integrative veterinarian to create these high-quality products to reflect her values and philosophy while also providing a positive, functional contribution to the health and well-being of animals.