Below is a testimonial from one of our customers about his success with CBD for his two cats:

“I have two kitties that have both benefitted from Holistic Hound’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. The first cat had an injured paw and needed to relax and rest so she could heal. The second cat hates any change in his routine, so when we had houseguests arriving, I knew he would need a little help to be comfortable and calm. A dropper of CBD oil was exactly what they both needed, and I felt good knowing the product was natural, organic, and THC-free.

Hemp for an Injured Paw

Lucy is our little ninja cat. She is fast, quiet, and full of energy. She jumps, climbs, and hunts, just like a cat should. Unfortunately, sometimes that can lead to injuries, and one day she came limping home with a severely injured paw. After being treated by our vet, we got her back home with instructions to keep her calm and still, so the paw could heal. Telling her to lay down and rest did not do the trick! Despite an injury, she was ready to head outside and continue her usual activities. Fortunately, I had a bottle of full spectrum hemp oil, and this would be the perfect opportunity to try it out.


Lucy is a tiny little thing, so we started with ½ a dropper of the 100 mg CBD hemp oil. We tried to mix in a little in her food, but she knew instinctively that something was up, and politely declined. We then dropped it directly into her mouth, and then we just waited. She usually sleeps with one eye open, but an hour and a half later she was more relaxed and fast asleep on her favorite chair. It was the rest she needed to get herself back to normal.

Hemp for a Stressed Kitty

Chester is our big cuddly scaredy-cat. He becomes stressed and nervous if anything changes in his routine or the home dynamic, like cleaning days when the vacuum comes out. None of our cats enjoy the vacuum, but his reaction is extreme and it frightens him to the core. He views every visitor as a potential threat. When he gets scared, he hides long after the “threat” has subsided, and when he finally emerges, he paces throughout the house crying and complaining for hours.

It’s heartbreaking, and he doesn’t believe me when I tell him everything is going to be okay. It’s almost as if he doesn’t speak English.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with 100 mg of CBD.

Chester is a big cat, so he required an entire dropper of CBD oil. We gave it to him before we had a dinner party and a house full of guests. He still hid under the bed when the guests arrived, but instead of being up against the back wall, eyes wide open and nervous, he was relaxed and asleep. Instead of hiding for hours after the guests were gone, he was already sitting in the bedroom doorway looking happy and calm by the time we said goodbye to the last person.

I highly recommend having CBD products in your home first aid kit. I love that I have a natural alternative to help my cats in times of distress, whether mental or physical. I love that I can give them more or less as needed, without creating a dependency on pharmaceuticals. And, I love that Holistic Hound is transparent in their development and testing of their products so that I know exactly what I am getting and (more importantly) what I am giving my cats.”

— Gry MacLean, Goleta, CA