My name is Leslie and our dog’s name is Onyx. Onyx came to us from a high kill shelter in West Virginia to be in our forever home in Pennsylvania. Onyx is a 45 pound black lab/hound mix and just the coolest guy ever! In our normal first trips to the vet, it was discovered the Onyx had IBS. To say that IBS is a challenge is an understatement! After lots of tests and medicine trials and turning up for one more try at the veterinarian, our vet told me this was the norm with IBS and it ultimately would come down to me figuring it out. Challenge accepted. Onyx has only ever been on Holistic Hound CBD oil and I shout it from the rooftops. On the fast approach to his two year anniversary on Holistic Hound, Onyx has experienced true healing. His episodes with IBS are infrequent and very mild. He has arrived at his appropriate weight and maintains it. My foremost intention of this letter is to extend my deepest gratitude to the Holistic Hound family. The second is to acknowledge that Holistic Hound just “gets it” by not adding flavors to the oil. In cases of digestive and allergic disorders, these flavors do no favors for our animal companions. So, thank you for keeping it real!

–Leslie, Pennsylvania

If I had them in hand I could have sold 5 bags of the Hemp and Mushroom [on July 4th]. My Jack was the calmest I have seen her! Slept through most of the sound of the war zone last night! We have one more test, and that’s the car! She hates being in the car! Thanks


Well kids, it’s that day of the year again. The day, that for no reason at all, the world comes to an end starting around nightfall. At least that is what maple believes the 4th of July to be. Lots of booms in the sky make for one stressed Chihuahua. 😳🐿 Here she is posing with “mothers little helper”, her #cbdoil that we buy from @holistichound, our favorite pet store here in the Bay Area. The oil definitely calms her nerves. I also turn on every fan I own to full speed. It’s like living in a white noise wind tunnel🤪. Happy 4th of July Friends! Have fun and be safe🎆🎇🇺🇸❤️

–@TinyMapleMarie from Instagram, California

Getting ready for the 4th with @holistichound and @petfriendlydogbakery treats! Franklin is scared of the fireworks and Benji is just happy to be here!

–@TheFoundingPuppers from Instagram, Pennsylvania

In this house, we lovingly refer to the 4th of July week as “hell week for animals”. Statistically, more animals are abandoned, put in shelters and rehomed after the 4th of July. Nervous animals have even less of a chance of remaining in a stable home this holiday week. As the mother of two nervous dogs, I decided to not only take measures to create a safer environment for my nervous dogs, but to help calm them without drugging them up. Through gradual introductions and tests, I have found the hemp oil works wonders on my fur babies. We have been using @holistichound for a few months and we love it! Combining hemp oil with the introduction of hideaway spaces for my pups has made them much more confident and comfortable. Please consider using similar methods and products to help comfort your nervous animals instead of punishing or abandoning them!!

–@TheBrindleMutts from Instagram, Ohio

Meet Abby, Abby is an 8 year old retired show dog. Abby has mast cell tumors (Mastocytoma) and because of the location it’s not operable. Abby was losing weight, she became lethargic, lost her appetite, and had diarrhea. It was obvious she was in pain. After winning the Holistic Hound CBD Giveaway, Abby tried CBD for the first time. Abby loved it! Here’s what Abby’s mom had to say about her experience with Holistic Hound’s CBD Oil. “CBD is all natural and in some cases that last resort. Pain medications can cause more symptoms than help. In her case, the pain meds just made her sleep all day and not interact with us. With the CBD, she was her happy go lucky self. Last night was the first night she had the zoomies in a long time. She just seems happy and I know it’s because of the oil. Thank you for having the giveaway. She now sits at my bed and waits for it every morning!

–Colyn, MI