Pumpkins are everywhere these days, so we thought it would be a good time to talk about the benefits of pumpkin for your pets. This holiday treat can be a year-round lifesaver for pets who require a bland diet due to diarrhea. For pets with sensitive stomachs, a scoop of pure pumpkin may be just what they need to spice up their diet and keep them regular.

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100% pumpkin could be just what the doctor orders to soothe his irritable bowels the natural way.

Why pumpkin is good for pets with an irritable bowel

Pumpkin has a lot of soluble fiber and potassium. Typically, we associate a fibrous diet with moving stool and waste through the system more quickly and helping to avoid constipation. However, not all fiber is the same. The soluble fiber in pumpkin will help slow down the gastrointestinal tract, delaying bowel movements and helping to sooth an irritated bowel.

Diarrhea can lead to dehydration

When your pet has diarrhea, they’re not just getting rid of a lot of intestinal waste; they’re also losing important electrolytes. One of those electrolytes is potassium. Fortunately, pumpkin is also packed with potassium, helping to replenish your pet with important minerals and prevent dehydration.

Pumpkin is great for pets with diarrhea

If you’re interested in reading more about which types of fibers are best for your pet, we recommend this article by Dr. Becker (we love her!). It’s important that you know exactly what you are feeding our pet to ensure that they are eating a diet that is appropriate for their health and their biochemical make-up.